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Zaslow and Amber: The Weekends Here!... But At 2

Joined by Adam Beasley

Zaslow & Amber
August 09, 2019 - 3:13 pm


The Dolphins beat the Atlanta Falcons last night in the their first preseason game of the year. 30-27. Zaslow's bummed that eveyone's weekend started at 9 and he's stuck at the station. Dolphins drinking game wasn't too intense as it's usually been, maybe Nat Moore was the reason. Josh Rosen had a pretty good game when he wasn't running for his life. Preston Williams is looking like a diamond in the rough. Marlins kicked the Braves ass last night, Brian "The Rake/Raker" Anderson had two home runs. Adam Beasley called in to talk about last night's Dolphins game


Kenny Stills spoke about the issues he had with Stephen Ross and Donald Trump being friends after the game. Tom Garfinkel spoke about that situation in the CBS4 television booth. Do games in preseason go into overtime? Amber keeps calling Preston Williams, Preston Wilson. Zaslow has himself a pretty big wreslting weekend coming up tomorrow. Big Movie/Not A Big Movie.

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