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Aged and Paid: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Joined by Alberto Del Rio and Chad Ford. Plus New Goran Voicemails!

Zaslow & Amber
June 21, 2017 - 9:18 am


The NBA is lit! There are rumors and reports and trades and secrets! Romberg and Zaslow are excited to speak with Alberto Del Rio later in the show. He once kicked a ninja turtles ass. We are going Road Tripping with Roms. Dwyane Wade opts into his contract with the Bulls. He will make $24 million with the Bulls this season. Chicago fans are pissed. It's a bummer that he doesn't get the victory lap. Jarvis Landry is saying all the right things when it comes to his money. There are Cavaliers players reportedly telling Jimmy Butler to stay away from Cleveland. Has Tom Selleck always been handome? Has he got better with age? Romberg imagines sex with smelly ladies from mid-evil times.


We are in a full-fledged flurry of NBA free agent rumors. The Lakers have to give up a D'Angelo Russell in order to get out from that awful Timofey Mozgov contract. Are we on the edge of a full Cavaliers mutiny. Former WWE Superstar Alberto del Rio joins the show. He discusses his upcoming MMA event in Miami. He recalls his background in pro wrestling and mixed martial arts. He also explains why the WWE schedule was the big reason for his departure from the company. Whati is the best kind of Mexican wrestling match. Goran Dragic leaves new voicemails to Dwyane Wade after Wade opts into his $24 million contract.


Dwyane Wade had some very honest quotes about opting into his contract with the Chicago Bulls. He had twenty-four million reasons to opt in. That won't endear him to Chicago fans, but it is true. He should get the contract he earned. Are you surprised how bad Wade seems to be taking his age? He is clapping back at haters on twitter. ESPN's NBA Draft insider Chad Ford joined the show. He gives us the Heat's best options with the 14th pick in the draft. Romberg is stunned by Canadian weatherman's perving. Would you ever go to a swingers club? Is Phil Jackson actually trying to get fired by the Knicks. 

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