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All Big Games: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
April 21, 2017 - 9:32 am


We had the company picnic yesterday and Romberg noticed that Zaslow was acting all kinds of weird. He went up to a group of three women, who are DJs in our building. He gave cheek kisses to two of the Shark DJs with whom he is friendly with but didn't to Kimba who he barely knows. It made things super weird that he wouldn't just be friendly in that situation. It ruined the picnic for him because all he could think about was how he botched that moment. Tobin spent the picnic wakeboarding. He ended up hog out on a face-plant wipe out. Ronda Rousey gets engaged, Zaslow does not wish him well. The Cavs erased a 26-point comeback yesterday against the Pacers. Is that more of an epic choke by Indiana or a monster comeback by the Cleveland Cavs?


Zas is still distraught over the kissing situation. He says he's a hugger. He couldn't even enjoy some good ol' corn hole. Stephen Ross is reportedly into buying the Miami Marlins. Would Miami fans want that? Do you prefer him or Derek Jeter. Tobin says that Tom Glavine shouldn't be considered. He's not as cool as Jeter and was a former division rival. He's also partnering with Tagg Romney. How fancy pants is a dude named Tagg? Would Ross thrive in a sport with no salary cap. That man always spends. David Fizdale contiues to drop gems at the podium. Mr. Freeze stops by to give us the best cold takes of the week.


The Dolphins schedule is out. That means we need to do an offseason version of Big Game/Not A Big Game. Paul George stays sounding ridiculous after these games against Cleveland. Zaslow says that's going to be a trade target for the Heat in the offseason. Aaron Hernandez's death is officially ruled a suicide. Roms thinks Mike Pouncey knew before it happened. Israel Gutierrez joins the show. Izzy breaks down the East games from last night and who is actually a threat to Cleveland. Slim remixes the best Sounds Of The Week. Romdog closes it out with some shoutouts and United Airlines slogans.

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