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All In Now: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
April 26, 2017 - 9:48 am


The Marlins are going to finally be sold. There is an agreement in principle to sell them to Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter. What a glorious day! Is Alex Rodriguez jealous that Derek Jeter is going to own a major leauge team in his home town? Romberg claims to be a speed reader but Zaslow doesn't believe he can. Roms really doesn't like how Zas doubts everything he claims to know or be able to do. Loria was reportedly tired of the fans always be negative towards him. We thought it didn't bother him. What about the food and wine festival? Will Russell Westbrook get tired of being the only option in Oklahoma City. Who looks better for their age: Loria at 76 ot Pat Riley at 72 years old? Zaslow and Roms both say Loria and this enrages Tobin. 


The ESPN feature on Pat Riley was fantastic. There is a lot to dissect. Zaslow doesn't quite believe that Riley had a bad feeling walking into the meeting with LeBron James. It seems like that feeling has changed over the years. Romberg thinks that Chris Bosh comes off very poor in the piece. Roms loses a little sympathy for CB over the report. Patrick Beverly vs Russell Westbrook gets verbal. Ol' Roms favorite, Lisa Ann becomes the first person on PornHub with 1 billion views. Will the fans who ruled off the Marlins because of ownership, come back now? Zaslow has a very important announcement...after reading the Dion Waiters Player's Tribune article he is ready to sign him at all costs.


Hassan Whiteside is back talking to animals. This time he is speaking to an octopus. The texters are so angry today. It seems just the mention of the Marlins makes them enraged. RomDog's Grill: That stripper booty steals the soul. Roms gives advice on eskimo brothers, best men at the wedding and his favorite part of the Dion article.Marshawn Lynch officially gets traded to the Raiders. Who will have a better year: Beast Mode or Adrian Peterson? Roms goes with Purple Jesus. Tobin also had a run in with the nuns like Pat Riley.

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