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Ball Hog, Mic Hog: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
April 24, 2017 - 9:16 am


The NBA Drama is at an all time high. Hoiberg is calling out Isaiah Thomas. Markieff Morris is calling out Paul Milsap. Jimmy Butler is ready to fight Marcus Smart. Russell Westbrook went after a reporter who wasn't even asking him a question. He steals all the shots and takes all the questions. Manny Machado went spikes high. Zaslow calls him a dirt player. Tyron Lue gave a shoutout to Spoelstra in the post game press conference. Waren Sapp crapped all over Myles Garrett. Turns out Aaron Hernandez had a gay lover in prison and it may be the reason he committed his first murder. Zaslow has no issues with keeping secrets. Romberg got to hang out with Adam Gase. He also has a pet peacock. Trump wouldn't hang out with Tobin in Philadelphia. 


Does this series between the Rockets and Thunder clear up anything with Russell Westbrook vs James Harden debate. Steve Ker might be done coaching for the playoffs. He's dealing with a major back injury. Roms explains why that is so painful to deal with. Paul George seems like he's out, playa.Would Larry Bird make a trade with Pat Riley? Are Heat fans into them trading for Paul George? Do they have nearly enough to trade for him? Tobin rips Paul George and another huge controversy with an airline. This is getting out of control.


Zas goes on the record saying he has no interest in Blake Griffin. Why has there been so much drama at the podium during these playoffs. The reporters are taking a beating from the players. Could the Heat make a splash by trading for LaMarcus Aldridge? His heart condition could make the Heat be wary of that move. Romberg gets into another epic beef with a texter. He is going to fight them all at Chick-Fil-A. Why do the smallest things get the Romdog on edge?

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