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Bam! Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Joined by Bam Adebayo and Freezing Cold Takes

Zaslow & Amber
June 23, 2017 - 9:38 am


Bam Adebayo is the Heat's first round pick. Many Heat fans were freaking out, thinking they blew the pick. They did have a need with size after they end up losing Willie Reed and you always need more wing defenders. He says he models his game after Kevin Durant. Phil Jackson was reportedly falling asleep during draft workouts. The Marlins aren't for sale. It continues to be the worst reported story of the season. Zaslow is preparing for his greatest Ticket-Ninja heist ever for the MLB All Star Game. 


The NBA draft is always great for unveiling hilarious old tweets. One prospect said his God-given gift is slinging that wood! Fans are upset that Pat Riley wasn't in on the Jimmy Butler deal. Romberg is out today, but he calls in to give his official draft grades. There was a great first pitch at Marlins Park last night. An adorable Venezuelean actress faced 2nd base to throw the pitch instead of home. Amber is mad that she hasn't been able to throw out a first pitch. He gives the Heat's pick a B-. Speaking of Heat picks, the man himself, Bam Adebayo joins the show. He discusses his draft night, what it's like meeting Pat Riley, rooting for the Big-3 Heat and when he knew he could be a pro. 


Amber gets loads of praise on the text machine, that she tops the Venezuelan actress. Mr. Freeze returns! He spits some hot fire on the dummies falling fake Woj accounts. He also has some really great terrible draft takes. Some people really whiffed on Dwyane Wade. Speaking of Dwyane Wade, Tobin asks the show if they feel bad for Wade losing Jimmy Butler to Minnesota. Tobin and Amber argue if he deserves to be in this situation. What are the horniest women, by country. Top signs your wife is cheating. Plus a new parody on Heat first round pick Bam Adebayo to Creedence Clearwater Revival's Born on the Bayou.

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