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Boob Gate Erupts: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Joined by David Hasselhoff, Mr. Freeze and Riccardo Silva

Zaslow & Amber
May 12, 2017 - 9:30 am


Amber Wilson is closing in on a new house with her boyfriend. She has put together an agreement with her lawyer and this has upset him. Can't get them hurt feelings. James Harden was so bad yesterday. What the hell, man? Marlins boobgate hits the next level. They have released a statement, condemning the boobs in question. She has spoken out on Inside Edition. We have learned that Amber was once on Inside Edition and she thinks they're trash. Was James Harden point shaving last night? Zaslow says Harden coming up small isn't new for him. The Hoff, David Hasselhoff joins the show. Zas and Roms get to nerd out over Knight Rider. He explains how he knew Pam Anderson would be a star from the start. He also kind of invites us to the Baywatch premiere.


Zaslow can't wait to see Snatched with Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. Amy says she is topless in the movie. Zaslow doesn't understand why people hate on Amy Schumer. She is the next opponent to Jeffrey Loria in our "who would you rather own the Marlins" polls. The Rockets had a really great year but that ending was really bitter. Howard Stern mysteriously missed his radio show this last week. Tool of the Week finalists are set. Parcells, Saban, Loria, Terry Porter, Lavar Ball ar amond the finalists. Amber somehow always seems to be defending people we hate. Tobin wants her to realize that it's not court room and everyone doesn't have a right to a defense. Mr. Freeze stops by for this week's coldest takes.


Slim comes in hot with the Sounds of the Week Remix. Zaslow defends his girl Amy Schumers beauty. Amber gives the show JustTheTip(s). Creepy Batman returns to perv on the segment. Israel Gutierrez no shows us again. Zaslow is back on board with getting investment into "The Zaslow Channel. Ol' Roms gives us this weeks fact nuggets. To keep up the boob theme, Romberg gives #FactNugget on Nipple Types and Roman sports bras. Women gladiator fights probably stunk. Miami FC owner Riccardo Silva joins the show and isn't opposed to investing in the Zaslow Channel. He also has the handsomest voice you'll.

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