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Can Anyone Help: Zaslow, Roms Amber

Zaslow & Amber
June 06, 2017 - 9:31 am


This weather has turned everyone crazy in South Florida. It's raining everywhere. Amber's dogs are pooping inside. Romberg can' function while stuck in the house. It needs to stop! Zaslow asks if the Warriors are bad for the NBA? If they are winning games by this margin, they game aren't fun. It feels like no one has a chance. Amber argues that dynasties have always been great for pro sports leagues. Is this in the same class as the Patriots, Yankees or Bulls? Zas doesn't think it's in the same class. Who would win in a fight Thor or Wonder Woman? 


The Stanley Cup Finals is all even at 2-2. P.K. Subban brings mouth wash to the game and the Predators kick that ass. Zaslow is blown away by the price of the tickets for the MLB All Star game. Can the ticket ninja come through? How much nudity will be in the Clevelander that week? Tuesday Tool of the Week: Did Rex Ryan approach another woman about her feet? Little League bans a girl for being a boy, even though she is a girl. If you put LeBron on any other NBA team would they beat the Golden State Warriors? 


Zas, Roms and Amber discuss the Bill Maher controversy? Are you surprised he's doing his show this week. The ratings for the NBA finals are still huge in South Florida. Is that a case of us being basketball fans? Are we hate watching? Are we still LeBron fans? What is the connection? Tobin schools Zas in the art of hate watching. Zas is still on this kick of unused movie theater concession stands. A prank caller: "Cliff in Miami" calls into First & Last. Sex in the office is more common than we think. 

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