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Can't Even Read: Zaslow, Roms & Amber

Zaslow & Amber
July 13, 2017 - 9:26 am


Miami FC Game got postponed due to lightning, so it really did end up being "Black Wednesday." There was, however, a sports awards show - The ESPY'S, hosted by Peyton Manning. Romberg still has no clue how television in 2017 works. Was KD really offended by Peyton's monologue or was he in on the bit? Miko Grimes is talkin that bleep again. Lonzo Ball has an epic Summer League performance in front of LeBron James...Conor and Floyd continue their media tour...Conor's trash talk is absolutely incredible. Amber knows an awful lot about how strippers earn money...The guys think she may be a madame. Why U Mad, Why U Glad?: Zaslow is glad that his son's basketball team, which Zas coaches, had an epic comeback win. Amber is mad about Chinese bathrooms rationing toilet paper. Romberg is mad that his wife won't play with "Thor's hammer." 


Amber keeps playing the cancer card. There’s yet another update on the Marlins sale. Jeb Bush a loser. The show discusses Richard Sherman’s comments about a potential NFL players strike to get better contracts. Zaslow is pretty pumped about the Mike & the Mad Dog 30 for 30, which debuts tonight. The show takes calls from New Yorkers on a variety of topics. 


Floyd wants Conor to bet his percentage of the purse on the fight.  Will David Samson stay on after the Marlins sale? Kristen Leahy has a moment, a caller tells her “that’s why Lavar told you to stay in your lane.” JUST THE TIP(S): The guys wonder  how they’d handle a woman mocking the size of their deal. New York caller guy makes an appearance. Amber’s News: Lot’s of popes have died during sex.  

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