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Could've Been You: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Joined by Damione Lewis and UK Asst. Coach Joel Justus

Zaslow & Amber
June 26, 2017 - 9:34 am


The crew is back from a action packed weekend. Zaslow was in Bimini. Roms was fishing with the Canes. Amber was at Pottery Barn! She is thinking of taking home this nasty ass worm cat in our parking lot. There is a report that Adam Gase contacted Peyton Manning after Ryan Tannehill went down. He denies it, but the claim is coming from Archie Manning. Archie don't lie. If Aaron Judge doesn't show up to the Home Run Derby, he's a coward. Tim Tebow gets promoted, hitting .222. Why doesn't Chauncey Billups want the Cavaliers job? Hassan Whiteside in Paris is incredible. Roms gets us Fact'd Up with Paris facts. UFC fighter Justine Kish poops herself in fight.


Former Miami Hurricanes DT Damione Lewis joins the show. How the hell does Bennie Blades keep winning this fishing tournament? Would the Dolphins trying to sign Peyton Manning, instead of playing Matt Moore been a problem in his locker room. He is taking his son to the Home Run Derby. Dirk Nowitzki is going to opt out of $25M one-year deal and sign a new multi year to play 20 years in Dallas. Is Dwyane Wade upset that he won't get this opportunity? If Dwyane gets bought out, will he sign back in Miami? Will they want him? Is Stephen A. Smith in trouble for saying Lamar Odom was on crack? 


Would Amber be in trouble with her boyfriend if she went to go cover a Tim Tebow game in Port St. Lucie? Romberg discovers today is Tobin's wedding anniversary. He and Tobin have too many things in common. Amber warns Tobin that he's in the next tier of alimony with 7 years of marriage. Kentucky assistant basketball coach Joel Justus joins the show. He gives us insight into new Heat draft pick Bam Adebayo. He says his game will get even more deversified in the NBA. He was stuck in a role with the Wildcats. What should on the Zaslow channel? Will traveling Hassan be a good addition?

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