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Dame'd Hard: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
March 20, 2017 - 9:16 am


The bracket challenge between us and 104.3 The Shark's Big Mistake is in full swing. So far, Tobin is bringing up the tournament rear by a lot. He is in serious danger of being a Hooters server for the group. Their co-host Ashley-O is winning and she doesn't have television or internet. Giancarlo Stanton hit a huge bomb in the WBC but Zas cares not for the World Baseball Classic. Conor vs Floyd is heating up but should McGregor be this chatty about the fight. The Heat trolls are back. We missed Lil Willy and Windy. LeBron is taunting the NBA after sitting against the Clippers. Why You Man/Why You Glad: Shaq thinks the earth is flat. 


What is crazier: No dinosaurs or Earth Is Flat? Damian Lillard ranks where in NBA point guards. Would Heat fans be down with him as a whale or satisfied with Goran Dragic. Amber vs Tobin have a battle over the "Sound Sheet" Romberg is working out and getting ready for the basketball showdown with Zaslow. Who likes college basketball over the NBA. James Johnson says he wants to spend his entire life in Miami. Amber asks who these guys agents are that they keep saying things like this to reporters. Chris Kattan joins the show to discuss joke stealing and his time on Saturday Night Live.


Do the Heat have talent or do they just play hard? Will they get out-talented should they make the playoffs? Does LeBron have no shame with this sitting out? Remember when his narritive was doing it for the working man? He said that he's paid his dues. Did he change? Was he just a phony? Amber has some SeXXXy Stats for your ass! Is the LeBron trump card on the haters minutes played? Tool of the Week Hall of Fame finalist number one is selected: Josh McRoberts is the first one on the line. 

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