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Damn: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Joined by Jeff Conine, David Canter

Zaslow & Amber
April 28, 2017 - 9:47 am


The Draft was bananas last night. It was no Laremy Tunsil gasmask night, but it was fun none the less.The Bucks had a epic 25 point comeback but then ran out of gas and were eliminated by Toronto. Zaslow keeps having recurring dreams. This time it's the teeth falling out dream. The Dolphins went sneak attack when drafting Charles Harris. There seems to be so much deception when it comes to the draft. The Bears are getting mocked today for their pick. The Falcons pick went on an epic rant after getting selected. Roms thinks his new GM will cringe over it but he respects that he fulfilled his plan. Why You Mad/Why You Glad: Zas is going to Chili Peppers with John Crotty. Amber is owed money from Zaslow for Bon Jovi Tickets. Romberg is taking his family to Disney but has no interest in spending time at the theme park.


Tobin tells Zaslow that he went Ice Skating and Roller Skating and it was awesome. Zaslow misses the glory days of the skate rink. The Dolphins say they had two targets at number 22. Will we ever find out who the other target was? Zas thinks he Bears are getting ripped too much for their pick of Mitch Trubisky. Our boy Voice Over Dan fooled the sports blogs over the ESPN layoffs. Brett explains just who the hell Charles Harris is. He has a Canes tie. The Hurricanes d-line coach was his position coach at Missouri. Jeff Conine stops by the show. Niner discusses the All Star Game. The crew tries to get him to hook them up with tickets. He also weighs in on the Jose Fernandez statue and Derek Jeter as a potential owner.


Texters burn Romberg about his family treatmnt. NFL agent David Canter joins the show. He discusses all the happenings last night during the NFL draft. He gives us insight into the process of players getting drafted. He says that too many agents are cheapening the draft with silly marketing ploys. He explains there isn't as much lying as people think. Amber learns that Zaslow is all in on Dion Waiters. It was all about that awesome column. Dion stays talking bleep about the playoffs. Slim's end of the week remix takes us out to the weekend the right way. Romberg's has his Shoutouts for the week and Tobin annoys the holy hell out of Zaslow with this week's Fact Nugget.

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