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Devil Wants It Back: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
June 20, 2017 - 9:21 am


Happy Tuesday! Romberg isn't here. Zaslow campaigns for Marcell Ozuna to get more love from the South Florida fanbase. D.J. Khaled gets booed at EDC in Vegas. Jonah Hill is now shredded. The Cavaliers are parting ways with their general manager. Dan Gilbert seems to not value at that position. He's never extrended a GM in his tenure as owner. The big shock is it seems to really upset LeBron James. Why would Dan Gilbet be dumb enough to get LeBron upset? He has one job and that's to keep him happy. Roms shows up after missing an hour of the show. He says he was late because he was bringing the thunder last night. He went back to back! Zaslow proclaims he won't go back to back for the rest of his life.


Zas and Roms are excited to go see Mumford & Sons. Amber has never heard of the them. Zas recalls almost having to throw down with Roms at a concert. Jason Taylor picks Jimmy Johnson to induct him into the Hall of Fame. It's the obvious pick. Dwyane Wade is reportedly leaning towards opting into his $24 million contract. Zaslow still isn't buying it. What are his other options if he doesn't go back to the Bulls. Amber decides to defend Dan Gilbert, for some strange reason. 


Dan Gilbert is essentially in a pissing contest with LeBron. The big boy wants his team back. Amber thinks he's trying to take his organization back. How are their different visions of the organization between the owner and general manager? Aren't they arleady at the point past or having a vision. They're one of the top two teams in the league. Tuesday Tool of the Week is super serious this week. We learn that Windy knows that he's in the Tool of the Week Hall of Fame. He thinks it's lame! 

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