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Dirty Left Hand: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
March 29, 2017 - 9:25 am


That's how you win a damn basketball game! The Heat beat the Pistons at the buzzer. Hassan hit'em with that Dirty Left Hand! Make that a t-shirt, Heat store. Ron Rothstein was brought to the point of ecstacy and concern so quickly in the final call with Mike Inglis. Israel Gutierrez joins Zas and Brett in studio. He explains what the market will be for Dion Waiters and who is easier to re-sign. Will he or James Johnson take less money to help the Heat get better? How many people should be in a wedding party? Roms is hunting an anonymous call soliciter that he can't block.


If the Heat didn't pull out that game, Zas was ready to declare their playoff hopes over. The schedule is not easy after these two Knicks games. Adam Silver is strong on getting a female head coach in the NBA. Will this ever happen? Zaslow thinks there is no chance it ever occurs but Romberg explains why he thinks a woman could work as a head coach in hoops and football. Should the Canes regret not going harder after Frank Martin, when Frank Haith left? Is it too soon to judge and too fresh because Frank is in the Final Four. When the day comes that Coach L is ready to leave, will Frank Martin want to come back to his hometown? Zas and Brett praise Hassan's growth as a player this season.


That final call from Ron Rothstein and Mike Inglis was magical last night! The spiders are going to eat us all and Zas is ready to leave planet. There is going to a Raiders themed brothel. Former Marlins third baseman Jorge Cantu must be pumped. We did witness a murder last night. To pay respects, we lay Marcus Morris to rest. The funeral pays respect to the deceased with the Heat prayer. Romdog's Grill gets it all covered in it's Roms glory. Tobin and Brett ate at OG and Chili's after yesterday's food talk. Zas asks if you'd give up some years of your life to eat whatever you want with no ramifications.

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