Don’t Care About You: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
March 06, 2017 - 10:22 am

Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


Happy Monday. You’ll get an extra hour of the show today as Zas and Roms will do the LeBatard local hour. Goldberg in 2017 is the WWE Champion. Ol’ Roms declares this The Year of the Jew! At the NFL combine, the 40 yard dash record was broken. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes. LeBron unsurprisingly sat out against Miami on Saturday. Zaslow is upset because clearly LeBron doesn’t care about the Heat fans. We get the hero we deserve Doug the caller. LeBron’s old quotes about playing for the Heat in front of every fan means something to him. Did LeBron change or was he always a big fat phony?


Things got quite chippy at the end of the Heat-Cavs game. J.R. Smith, sitting in that suit, got upset when Rodney McGruder dunked all over Channing Frye’s face. The Cavs TV was all mad for Rodney for being a disrespectful. Mike Inglis went hot at J.R. Smith. It may be his least favorite player in the league. WreslteMania’s main event is Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg. Zaslow says no doubt Lesnar wins and he’s willing to bet anyone $1,000 on it. He tries to trick Roms into taking the bet, Amber returns to the show. She calls in to the show for a one night stand of SeXXXyStats.


We are heavy into this World Baseball Classic. Today’s game is Israel vs Korea. Zaslow and Roms are heavily pulling for Israel. FIU head football coach Butch Davis joins the show. He reacts to Michael Jordan saying the roof is the ceiling. He also gives us the latest on his development of FIU’s football program. Plus how did Ol’ Roms gets snubbed by the draft? Do the Heat have the toughest team in the league? Why doesn’t anyone actually try Udonis Haslem. Who would you rather have going forward Justise Winslow or Rodney McGruder.


Mark Cuban says Russell Westbrook isn’t even in the discussion for NBA MVP. If the Thunder fans could’ve only kept one, would they have picked Kevin Durant or Russ? The Marlins look like they’re getting sold. That doesn’t mean the payroll will increase dramatically. Heat sharpshooter Wayne Ellington joins the show. He discusses the Heat’s win over the Cavs. Who are the toughest dudes in the locker room. Romberg gets confirmation that Goran Dragic is a tough SOB. Plus the former Tar Heel reacts to Michael Jordan’s flub. Finally a robbery in Boca of a Heat championship ring, gets Zaslow to rethink his home security.

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