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Don't Rook'em: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
April 18, 2017 - 9:37 am


Amber is stoked to see the new Tupac Movie. How do they get actors who sound just like him? Zaslow was stuck watching Smurfs yesterday, but he actually liked it. Major League II poll comes back in Tobin's favor. Ichiro is getting a hero's welcome to Seattle. The Marlins own player of the week. The Heat held their exit interviews with the media. James Johnson and Dion Waiters remain steady on wanting to stay in Miami. Romberg explains the difference between rich and f*** you money. Lala and Carmelo are splitting up. Does this affect where he can end up? Red wine is leading to good sex. Romdog is cranking up training for his basketball challenge with Zaslow. Chris Bosh went on Larry King and things seem more at peace with the Heat. Our guy, The Big Show was superplexed and it broke the ring on WWE Monday Night RAW. 


Are there some tricks the Heat can pull with Dion Waiters contract? There is a lot of big talk from the Waiters and James Johnson but it'll be interesting to see how much of it sticks when the big money is offered to them. The Rock and Vin Diesel's beef is one of the weirdest things in sports. Tuesday Tool of the Week goes to Phil Jackson. Roms tries to make his nominee but loses his vote in the process. Waiters is talking about the comitment the team needs to have to getting better in the offseason. It almost sounds like a forgone conclusion. The Pacers are unraveling against the Cavs. Paul George kind of seems like a lousy teammate. Zas thinks he's ripe for Riley to poach.


Is the animosity between the Heat and Chris Bosh wearing off? What will Jeremy Shockey's speech be like tonight at the University of Miami Hall of Fame induction. James Johnson says he's home. Who is more likely to work with the Heat? Dion Waiters or JJ. Who ranted better on Monday: Fizdale or Stephen A. Smith. Zaslow thinks that Stephen A. is "sports Alex Jones" New UM Hall of Famer, Jeremy Shockey joins the show. He discusses his time at Miami. What was it like partying with the Romdog. How to deal with the New York media. He gives thoughts on new Dolphins consultant Joe Vitt and Canes tight end David Njoku. 

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