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Finally, A Surprise: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
May 22, 2017 - 9:14 am


The Celtics finally give us an NBA playoffs surprise. Avery Bradley hit a game winning three pointer. Zaslow was playing softball with Mike Lowell at Boog's event this week. He nearly turned a double play with the former Marlin. That means he caught a flip at the bag. Does Tyron Lue sound like a puppet? Poor Cleveland radio host, Kenny Roda. He was railroaded by LeBron during the post game press conference. Windhorst says LeBron wants him banned from asking him questions. Amber is uber-tired from anchoring on NBC 6. Romberg feels like a conquering hero after finally fixing his diswasher. 



Our boy Shannon Briggs is in the news for a positive VADA test prior to his June 3rd fight. An ESPN report says he tested positive for elevated testosterone. Tobin claims this is a witch hunt by the main stream boxing media, trying to keep the champ down. He is welcome to come on the show and give his side. Zaslow says we're always Team Shannon. What do we make of LeBron's stinker? Zaslow recaps his weekend in New York. He went untucked and now jacket to a "gala" He says all of the guests from Miami dressed like he did. How can you tell when there is a hotel escort?


Tim Tebow gets his 3rd minor league home run. He is sky rocketing attendance for the low A-Ball team. The NBA Playoffs before last night have been God-awful. How can the NBA fix this for future seasons? Is it possible with LeBron and the Warriors? Jinder Mahal wins the WWE Title. He is jacked to the gills. Roms wife used to be a chubby chaser. He says she didn't like when he lost weight. Amber proclaims that Mrs. Romberg is a liar. SeXXXy Stats to close out a Monday. Jay Ajayi was ranked 69th in's Top 100.

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