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Gas Tank Emptying: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
March 24, 2017 - 9:31 am


The Heat fall to the Toronto Raptors. DeMar DeRozan puts up a 40 spot on Miami. Is having a score anytime guy the difference between the Heat and the other playoff hunt teams? Is that guy Dion Waiters? Romberg was startled seeing that Ultra is setting up for the weekend. The bracket challenge between our show and The Big Mistake (on 104.3 The Shark) has Zaslow, Toast and Ashley O in the bottom three slots, but Brett is also in danger. We re-live old tape of Zaslow partying at Ultra. The Champ Shannon Briggs has his title fight set for June 3rd. We're all ready to jump in the ring and support the Champ. Israel Gutierrez join the show to discuss the Heat loss, their playoff chances, the MVP and players resting. 


Zaslow is starting to worry a little about the Heat's playoff chances. Romberg thinks that Hassan should rest on Sunday because the Heat's chances of winning a motivated Boston team, a game out of the 1-seed are slim. Zas gives props to Hassan for growing up and being a different guy this season. Brett will never let his teenage daughter go to Ultra or be able to get into any trouble. Would you be mad if your 17-year old son would get hooked up with a hot 26-year old teacher. Mr. Freeze joins the show. He reveals Tobin getting owned by the Raptors twitter account.


We continue listening to LaVar Ball vs Stephen A. An epic battle of crazy. Zaslow and Romberg continue to debate the NBA MVP. Roms is down that so many people are going against his guy, Westbrook. The internet is abuzz with the debate on if Wolverine is circumcised? Zaslow says no way, he has those healing powers from birth. The comic nerds storm in to correct him that those powers don't develop until puberty. How bad to the Heat miss Dion Waiters? Without him, the team seems like they might be running out of gas. Romberg closes out the weekend with some shoutouts and an epic Show Ultra Remix, produced by Slim!

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