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Good Enough For Awhile: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
March 21, 2017 - 9:20 am


The Warriors are whining about how the Thunder made the Kevin Durant situation worse. How bogus is this from Golden State? They are so soft on accepting the hate from people. You sign Kevin Durant, people are going to hate you. They're not going to honor Durant unless he never wins a title with Oklahoma City. Are the Heat the only team, besides Chicago, that retired Michael Jordan's jersey? We wear that shame. Udonis Haslem calls out his teammates for their lack of defense last week. The Miami Herald has a column about Hassan Whiteside turning the corner. Zaslow fully agrees with this column. Adam Silver chastises the NBA owners for letting their players rest.


This Aaron Hernandez trial has become bananas. Why do people defend multiple murder charges after already getting convicted? Amber remains petrified of saying Puerto Rico. She's now just going with "P.R."...she then can't say The Netherlands. Roms does a solid Tony Fiorentino impression. Rajon Rondo is keeping Ray Allen from the Cetlics 10 year championship anniversary trip. Who was in the wrong here: The Celtics or Ray Allen? Does having a beer make you more relateable to your teammates? Tuesday Tool of The Week goes to LaVar Ball. WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page joins the show. He discusses his upcoming Hall of Fame induction, why his DDP Yoga isn't yoga, NBA travel vs WWE travel and The Big Show's body transformation.


Romberg is battling idiot texters again for his Dion Waiters "Best 2-guard in Heat history" flippant comment. Is Ol' Roms going to donate money to the Hurricanes indoor facility? Sex toy data shows that the average couple has sex for 19 minutes. This stuns Zaslow. 19 minutes! He also reveals that Mrs. Zaslow and him were doing "things" and after they were done she hit him with "that was fine" Burn! LeBatard says the Heat shouldn't commit to any of these improved role guys like Dion Waiters and James Johnson. Are there any big splashes for the Heat to make instead of paying JJ or Dion?

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