Has Gordon Hayward Made a Decision Yet?: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
July 03, 2017 - 10:07 am

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The studio light isn't working so Tobin, Roms and Amber aren't sure if they're on. Texters are quick to let them know everything's fine. NBA free agency dominates the hour including the question of weather Serge Ibaka is really 27 years old. And what's taking Gordon Hayward so long to make a decision of where he wants to play? Why you mad, why you glad?

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Where's Zazlow? Tobin, Roms and Amber aren't off for the holiday (is the 3rd even a holiday?) but he is. More NBA free agency talk. Hassan Whiteside drops some snaps to help recruit players to Miami. Is Dion Waiters really thinking about heading to LA?

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Has Gordon Hayward made a decision yet? Tobin, Roms and Amber talk more NBA free agency and break down what Tobin's kids eat. Spoiler alert ... it's chicken nuggets. Romberg just realized that the show is on until 10 this morning. They also talk about the Pacquiao/Horn fight that ended in controversy.

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Tobin, Romberg and Amber wonder if Dion Waiters potential signing in LA is just a way to leverage the Heat for mroe money. We're still waiting to find out if Gordon Hayward has made a decision about his next destination. Romberg also talks about the time he called a dude out for tugging on his deal at Garden of Eden in Key West.

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