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Hassan Over Boogie, Please: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
March 16, 2017 - 9:32 am


The Heat win again! Their frontcourt of James Johnson and Hassan Whiteside outplay Boogie Cousins and Anthony Davis. Zaslow says he'd definitely take Hassan over Boogie at this point. No question about it. Wayne Ellington is new Ray Allen. Zas is ready to pay JJ his money. The Heat were in playoff position fo about an hour. Dwyane Wade is now getting an MRI and the Bulls keep losing #RileyWasRight. Tim Tebow gets sent to the minors. Who handles mean texts the best on the show? Last night was the worst officiated game of the Heat season. LaVar Ball keeps LaVar Balling.


We start the hour with a Sports Dad PSA. Romberg let's them all know that they need to back the f*** off. Skip Bayless went at Terrell Owens yesterday. Romberg has a problem with the media guys thinking they can say whatever the hell they want. They'd never do that if it would result in a physical confrontation. Dion and Hassan react to Goran Dragic getting M-V-P chants. Chris Rock joins the show! He discusses his new special. He explains the work it took to make it happen . He recalls the only time he's apologized for a joke. He also reveals the best pickup move he's got. Zaslow's favorite, Amy Schumer, is accused of stealing jokes yet again. Her new special is getting killed but Zas smells conspriacy. 


The discussion continues about comedians holding up. Is it harder to hold up in comedy or music. Amber proves herself right regarding the help comedians get for their specials. James Johnson is earning his money, but is Dion earning just as much. Zaslow explains why he's already all in with JJ but needs to see more from Waiters. Goran Dragic was pretty damn fantastic. Slim puts together a badass Rocky montage to recap Goran's great performance. Amber closes out the show with some SeXXXy Stats to celebrate the win and the "One Eyed Dragon"

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