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Holier Thy Now Now: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
April 07, 2017 - 9:32 am


Happy Friday Everybody! Amber is without Zaslow or Romberg today. Tobin steps in to co-host with her. She was nervous he was going to be late. They recall the time they've been late for things. This Tim Tebow did it! He belted a home run in his first minor league at bat. Crazy! How does this guy always shine in the moment. Will the Mets call him up in September? LaVar Ball blames UCLA's national title loss on the white guys. Amber goes off on a guy who tells her she's nothing about sports. First time we've ever had to "dump' her. Will Dion be back before the season ends? How much will it buy him with Pat Riley to get it out and get back on the floor? Tobin is glad the UFC is back! Amber upset she gave up her virginity for free instead of selling it for $2.5M. Slim is back in the dating game. We get the break down from Amber on how to date her.


Do caucasian ladies have the badonk? How many fake asses are out there in Miami? Amber explains how Zaslow's health got worse throughout the day. Tobin only wants Cavs vs Heat if he's guaranteed Dion will be there. He reps #TeamPetty to the core because LeBron cast him off too. He also makes the case for the Heat being the team Cleveland least wants to face. Tobin discusses his Florida hippy neighbor. Did Dustin Johnson really fall down some stairs because he was wearing some socks? Amber has been to D.J.'s Palm Beach house. PBC has that F-you money. The Rock makes a grown man cry from meeting him. Amber says no celebrity meet n' greet would make her do that. Tobin then reveals how Roy Jones did the secret fraternity handshake, meaning he had to discuss his fraternity mayhem at Barry University. Amber and Tobin break down the book revalation that Dwyane Wade was always in the dark about LeBron leaving for Cleveland.


Amber and Tobin don't have any freaking idea where Brett Romberg is this week. Amber explains how she sent radio equipment to a location in Miramar. Problem is, Roms isn't in Miramar. Brett has broken off communication with her this week. We have no status on the Romdog. Tim Tebow legit hit a home run off a guy who was selected at slot number 666 in the MLB draft. Crazy! Amber learns from Tobin that pregnancy ups the ladies sex drive. She learns that her "prime" is coming up real soon. Ron McGill calls out bee killers. Tobin defends his right to kill the bees. Once again, the bee hippies come out in full force. Tobin is scared of the Raptors but if the Heat take on the Cavs he says it'll go seven games. Will LeBron even play in the Heat's final match against the Cavs in Miami? Dana White is going to talk to Conor McGregor soon to hash out the final details of the Mayweather fight. Amber thinks Conor won't be able to fight with a newborn at home. Finally, Pearl Jam is going into the Hall of Fame tonight, so "Zaslow" gives a beautiful induction speech.

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