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LIV It Up: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Joined by Curb's Jeff Garlin and Former Dolphins WR Chris Chambers

Zaslow & Amber
May 02, 2017 - 10:06 am


Zaslow and Romberg were way into the hockey match up between the Penguins and Capitals last night. The Cavaliers blowout the Raptors last night. The Rockets smoke the Spurs badly. Zas thinks Houston is going to win that series. There are more ESPN layoffs leaking to the media. The Worldwide Leader is hiring NBA star reporter Adrian Wojnarowski. Will people hate him in Bristol, CT? Romberg is having a hard time feeling bad for anyone in this group of layoffs. He says he's numb to it, being in pro sports. The heavyweight fight this weekend between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko was bananas, Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin joins the show. He explains what working on Curb is like. He is also a former Miami Hurricane but Hollywood has prevented him from getting back to a game since he was in school. 


How much do players want to have a great nightlife where they play? Romberg explains the dangers of playing in a #deadass town. Are the Spurs going to be beat by another younger, athletic team? Do you feel bad for Joe Yearby? He went undrafted and is done in school? Should kids undrafted be allowed to go back to school? Roms explains the new wave of player insurance policies. Zaslow admits that he was wrong about the Heat getting LeBron's best years. These are still LeBron's best years. He's just as good as ever. 


Amber claims she can make that ass clap. Former Dolphins wide receiver Chris Chambers joins the show. He made the Dolphins third round pick in Philadelphia. He reflects on the Dolphins draft experience. He says the premise that the draft causes you to have a chip on your shoulder is one hundred percent true. Adam Jones says the fans in Boston were slinging racial slurs to him in the outfield last night. Were Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler, Hassan Whiteside and Udonis Haslem at LIV together last night? The Show is going to LIV in the near future. Can Zaslow hang? Roms is facinated by a story on why men cheat. We close the show with  tribute to that old goat Paul Pierce.

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