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Looking Elsewhere Already: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Joined by Jon Vilma

Zaslow & Amber
June 09, 2017 - 10:12 am


The Penguins dominate Game Five and Sidney Crosby made P.K. Subban kiss the ice. Sid the Kid, sneaky tough. Zaslow is surprised that the media spent yesterday questioning LeBron passing up the big shot. There are a lot of rumblings that LeBron James next move will be to Los Angeles. Steph Curry denies pooping on the Cavs court, kind of. Would Kevin Durant's shot over LeBron been as exciting if it was Steph Curry's shot. Roms is excited for the rum ladies. Zaaslow moved to emotion from girls soccer team.


Why does everyone think that if anyone leaves the Warriors, it will be Klay Thompson? Why would they ever want him gone? LeBron says if he was an owner he'd try and get everyone. It's obvious because he's a huge front runner. Romberg declares that tonight is poop house or castle for LeBron. Zaslow drops some numbers to absolve LeBron of series blame. He will still get blamed after they lost. Zaslow relives his gout scare. We go over the list of famous gout sufferers. Roms wife is too scared to go to concerts.


Zaslow thinks tonight is all about Kevin Durant. Will he cry? The crew predicts what will happen tonight. Tobin and Roms thinks it ends in Game 4. Zaslow sticks with his original prediction of Warriors in 5. Hurricanes great Jon Vilma joins the show. He reacts to Zaslow's gout story. He also gives his input on the NBA Finals. Why don't we get any superteams in the NFL? Romberg gives his shoutouts for the week. Top shoutout goes to Amber Wilson, who is cancer-free. Conga Music for all. Plus Poland bans Winnie the Pooh.

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