Love Him: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
March 09, 2017 - 9:35 am

Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


Dion Waiters does it again! In fact, It’s Dion Waiters Day…again! This season for the Heat is incredible. The Dolphins are keeping their guys in free agency. Kenny Stills signs an extension. Andre Branch got paid. Adam Beasley joins the show to give us the latest in Dolphins free agency. What is going to be the big splash that Mike Tannenbaum makes? Romberg fakes being interested in Team Canada’s game at Marlins Park tonight. Tim Tebow has a rough spring training debut. When do we have the discussion about Dion Waiters is getting paid. Roms is bracing for the wife’s birthday. Zas and Roms are judging a bikini contest at Hooters in Doral tonight. This rat bastard A-Rod now has J-Lo.


Goran Dragic calls up Dwyane Wade yet again to leave a mocking voicemail about the Heat getting ready to pass Chicago in the standings. Studies say sex is down but coke use is up. Is Dion Waiters allowed to do “This Is My House” or is that still Dwyane’s thing. WBC Team USA manager Jim Leyland joins the show. He recalls the 1997 Marlins and what could’ve been. He also very impressed by Giancarlo Stanton and thinks Christian Yelich can lead the league in hitting. Texters rip Roms for his bad questions again.


Things got crazy in the Champons League yesterday. We don’t talk much soccer on the show, but these goal calls were worth playing. They got crazy. Listeners want to know when Zaslow will be all in with Dion Waiters. He wants you to love him. Please love him, Zaslow! Zas says he’s not some easy date. You need to romance him for awhile. Romberg wants the stakes of the basketball bet to be the Ciara-Russell Wilson photo. Zas continues to refuse to be the baby in the photo. Amber tweets us that she is offended that Roms doesn’t want to go skin to skin. There is one concession Zaslow is willing to make on the Dion Waiters front. Maybe it was Cleveland ruining him the whole time.

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