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Mecca Takeover: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
March 30, 2017 - 9:40 am


Zaslow and Romberg start off with an update on our Fresh Prince beef. The guys continue their discussion from Wednesday on a woman being a head coach. Roms rails against everyone using cell phones in public. The Heat beat the holy hell out of the New York Knicks. Hassan Whiteside says "they're an NBA team" Carmelo Anthony is miserable. What happened to the Knicks superteam. Brett gives a full rundown of everything that happened at UM pro day. Where will Brad Kaaya get selected? Goran says Miami is no excuses while everyone else does nothing but make excuses. Miami Hurricanes football coach Mark Richt joins the show.


Our old friend Lance Stephenson is back with the Indiana Pacers. Zaslow thinks it's a good deal for them. It has to be humiliating for him to be known for blowing in LeBron's ears. Brett reveals that he did all the dirty moves on the football field. Including, ass pinching, arm slapping, oil checking. James Johnson's weight loss is pretty incredible. How did no other franchise get him to do that? Zaslow is going to Chris Rock tonight. He's nervous about the idiots trying to game the "no phone policy" Why do people record live shows? Who goes back to watch that stuff. Tobin says Zas is afraid to watch Amy Schumer's special because he's afriad it will be so bad. Was Carmelo Anthony point shaving last night?


Jay-Z was reportedly at the Chris Rock show last night. Dave Chapelle was at Chris Rock's show on Sunday. Zaslow hopes for a special surprise tonight. Paul George sounds like he's about done with the Indiana Pacers. Is that the potential whale Pat Riley goes after? Tobin tells Zas he doesn't want PG13 because he was catfished by Slap My Fatty. Jessica Blaylock from Fox Sports Florida joins the show. Jess discusses the idea of a woman becoming a head coach. She agrees with Romberg that it would only happen in basketball. Baseball and Football couldn't handle it. Boog Sciambi stops by, only to learn that Zaslow loves chicken wings now. Plus Boog discusses his upcoming event to raise money for ALS. Here is the link:

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