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MLB All-Star Week: Zaslow, Romberg & Amber

Joined by Andre Dawson

Zaslow & Amber
July 10, 2017 - 9:45 am


The crew is back from the Weekend. Zaslow went to the Metallica concert, where fans were moshing. Romberg spent the weekend at his new place in the Keys. He caught a huge swordfish, which the captain of his boat fileted for him (Roms is secretly boujee).  Zaslow went to a restaurant in Amber's neighborhood. Amber happened to be there. Zas spotted her and sheepishly called out her name, but Amber didn't hear him. Rather than try harder to get her attention, he just left. Aaron Judge vs Giancalro Stanton will face off in the Home Run Derby. Judge is somehow way bigger than Stanton. Amber and Beast "@" Chris Bosh, thanking him for writing a letter to HEAT fans. Zaslow thinks their tweets are self-righteous. 


What if this show was the typical sports show that takes calls on generic topics? Tobin makes a bunch of fake calls. A new weekly feature, "Shoot From the Hip," is introduced, where the gang gives rapid fire hot takes. Zaslow commends Hard Rock Stadium operations for putting on a huge concert without a hitch (Shouts to Tom Garfinkel), Amber calls out Las Vegas for running out of weed just one week after legalizing it. Romberg is stoked that "friend of the show" Amberly, is competing in the Hooters beauty pageant. The Hawk! Andre Dawson joins the show to discuss this week’s All Star festivities.


Tobin gives Derek Jeter a new nickname: ”Deadbeat Jeets.” Chris Bosh pens a long letter thanking Heat fans. LeBron still has not done that. Should the Heat use their $4.3M Mid-Level Exception on Dwyane Wade if he get’s bought out by the Bulls? Zaslow is glad that Chris Berman is no longer calling the Home Run Derby. Amber and the texters think he’s a jerk.  The show reacts to an ESPN feature on Jose Fernandez. Should the Marlins involve Fernandez’s mother in the All Star Game? The show remembers their first experiences with porn. Romberg once smashed a window in order to steal his father’s Playboy collection.


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