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My Fingers Hurt: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
May 11, 2017 - 9:31 am


Romberg becomes an office hero. Our radio studios have been plagued by a monster pooper, who is clogging the toilets constantly. Zaslow recalls the glory days of the roller skating. This year we want a roller skating humiliation pool punishment. DeVante Parker is reportedly zoned in on this season. Is that possible when it's May? Georges St-Pierre and Michael Bisping is called off by Dana White. Zas is bummed that he doesn't get to see his favorite fighter. Amber goes nuclear on the trolls from the text machine.


Marlins Man was sitting with a pair of monster boobs at the Marlins-Cardinals game. What a life this dude is living. We already had Vladimir Putin beat Jeffrey Loria in a "Who Would You Rather Own The Marlins" poll. We try and one up Putin by seeing if O.J. Simpson can beat the Marlins owner. He's called stinky in prison because he is reportedly pooping all over himself. Roms turns into fake serious journalist to grill O.J. on pooping himself. Zaslow loves the new Dolphins linebacker because of his name Raekwon McMillan. Should he be Raekwon The Chef this season. O.G. Raekwon is already on the record that he is going to root hard for him. Is the cray amount of three pointers the reason for all these terrible games.


J.T. Riddle is going to miss a bunch of games for a bruised finger and Romberg is beside himself over this. He played football games with broken fingers with bones through the skin. Jeter was reportedly furious over the interview with Alex Rodriguez on CNBC. Amber is the only one on the show who trusts a man with two first names. She reacts to all the backlash from this Bleacher Report columnist's beef with new Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark. Amber once again rips idiot texters who always get on her when she tries to make a point. Zas tries to get her to stop reading. Pervy Batman comes back to get everyone in the mood for JustTheTip(s) but the show runs out of time.

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