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No Love: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
March 14, 2017 - 10:12 am


Amber is stoked because Big Bang Theory is getting a spin off. Roms got caught gawking at 90210 Brendan's wife while on vacation with Mrs. Roms. Jordan Cameron says he was not in love with football. Romberg can relate. He says the pros take the love of football out of you. Zaslow feels like this is more in common in the NFL than it is in the NBA. Brett says it's a fantasy world that most can't understand. Tim Tebow gets a hit for the Mets, agains the Marlins. Zaslow is calling for at least a 4-1 homestand by the Heat. They need to be over .500 after these games. How much do the Heat rely on Goran Dragic. Zaslow is now hooked on Mad Men. Amber tells him to get a newer show. Romberg wants to know what a male mistress is called. Tobin laughs at the stupid ass lion. 


Ezekiel Elliott flashes a lady's boobs. Amber during a World Baseball Classic report can't say "Puerto Rico" Tobin says he's going to Conor vs Floyd no matter what happens. Zas heard that Beast was upset that Amber got a warmer reception at the office yesterday, than he did. Tuesday Tool of the Week Hall of Fame is back. You can send nominees to Tool of the Week this week goes to a bad neighbor. John Crotty joins the show. He gives his reaction to Heat's incredible run. What does he make of player's having love for the game they play. The take was so good in response to Zaslow's question, that Romberg had to ask the exact question. Roms was clueless to the fact that he repeated the question.


Romberg gets lit up by the texters for not paying attention. He tries to make it seem like he doesn't care but we all know he does. Amber says he's the most sensitive in the building but Zas rattles off some strong nominees. We got a bit of a sensitive building. Lavar Ball will not shut up! This guy has to be hurting his son's draft stock, right? Amber keeps snitching on Roms and he questions who she is more loyal to on the show? We party with the Amber Puerto Rico/Stacey King Greek remix. Zaslow cries vs This Is Us.

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