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Not Dead Yet: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
April 11, 2017 - 3:21 pm


The Heat survive a scary game against the Cavs scrubs. They didn't get any help in the playoff standings but they live to fight another game. Zaslow doesn't think they're going to get the help they need to get into the playoffs. Romberg previews Jeremy Shockey going into UM Hall of Fame. Should we trust Josh Richardson? Zas isn't ready to do that yet. Amber makes the case for J-Rich being all the way back. Roms is noticing that Spolestra has a different kind of joy, coaching this squad. Roms also enjoyed Ty Lue melting down. He observed all of this while having "adult time" with Mr. Romdog. He also pinned his wife's shoulder so he could still watch the game while taking care of business. "Hollywood" Joy Taylor pops in to tell us that she is repping #HeatNation hard on the west coast. 


Tobin reveals that Amber is a junk food vulture. She'll order a salad while whomever she's out with will order wings or fries and she'll eat all of them. She says the calories don't count. Is Dion Waiters coming back? Is coming back for one game worth it to him? Tuesday Tool of the Week: LeBron sits his ass out and won't play in front of Miami fans. Jessica Blaylock stops by to talk about the Marlins home opener. The Fish get off to a great start. How much did the World Baseball Classic help Christian Yelich. Should the Marlins make any mention of Jose Fernandez tonight?


Romberg asks if Russell Westbrook is still behind prime Dwyane Wade? Wade never put up these numbers. However Russ doesn't have the post season success that Wade had at this point of their careers. Brett says he punishes his body to get rid of sickness. Texters anger the Romdog yet again. Why do the Heat, on nothing but one year deals, care about each other so much? Amber dishes out some kinky-ass SeXXXy Stats on the Heat's thrilling win. Ron Rothstein predicts playoffs. Zaslow predicts no playoffs. Tonight is ZasOver at the Zaslow house hold. Ol' Roms wants him to end the night playing "hide the matzah" with the Mrs.

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