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The Ol' Switcharoo: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
May 03, 2017 - 9:26 am


The Celtics vs Wizards put forth the best game of the playoffs so far. Isaiah Thomas put up 53 puts in an overtime win. He says it would've been his sister's birthday last night and that inspired him. Do you believe in divine inspiration in sports? Zaslow is officially sick of Marlins sale story. There is too much lying going on. Amber's headphones have reached #beatsbybumass level. How much should Boston's culture be blamed for what allegedly happened to Adam Jones. Preston Wilson and CC Sabathia say it's real. Tyronn Lue says he has the hardest gig in the NBA. Why You Mad/Why You Glad: Zaslow found a book of old CDs. Roms gets into it at a phone company. Tobin's son is out of control.


Amber still can't say Ratatouille. Gey Paquette schools us. Amber is not about the princess crap. Romberg hums him a mean "Let It Go" Why does Romberg seem to have rivalry with Beast? He doesn't like the ass kissing he does to all the managers. Shouldn't Canesfam put him in Roms good graces? The Morris Twins are extra weird to Zaslow. Not only do they look exactly alike but they have the same tattoos. Do you think they ever pull off the switch-a-roo. It might be a hell of a time. Did Al Horford put on a weird move. 


Jeff Garlin went on LeBatard and Amber is upset because their interview with Tobin didn't research that he was in a fight with Warren Sapp. He says if she doesn't like his research, she can type headlines each morning instead. Romberg is missing for nearly the entire segment because he was blowing up the bathroom. He goes off on phony Boston fans for their token standing ovation for Adam Jones. Romdog's Grill: Will he ever stop sex because of big stomach trouble. Roms explains how he pulled off his proposal. 

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