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Over: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
June 08, 2017 - 9:45 am


The Warriors delivered the death blow to the Cleveland Cavaliers. They take a 3-0 series lead after the best game of the series. Kevin Durant hit the go ahead shot right over LeBron. Of course, J.R. Smith had to stamp the loss by tweeting "Cavs In 7" Zaslow explains why NBA Players prefer winning championships on the road. Paul Pierce doubles down on his Durant over LeBron take? Will he really be proven right? Zaslow won't be watching Game 4, he's going to wrestling to watch Shinsuke. Romberg is dealing with cocaine kingpins. Zas is upset "The Leftovers" has come to an end.


The Cavaliers are so sad. They love themselves some excuses. The car Derek Fisher crashed in his DUI arrest was registered to Matt Barnes. Romberg has no idea what is going on with James Comey. He thought they we referring to Russian commies. Romberg asks, where the hell is Zaza? When LeBron loses again and Kevin Durant hoists the trophy, will LeBron start thinking about leaving again? He's a runner. Romberg finally got to watch his kids and he serenaded them with some Danzig.


Cleveland eating it doesn't get old. That Kevin Durant shot has some symbolic imagery to it. Will he have a chance to vault over LeBron with a run of champioships. Tobin tries to school Zaslow in why LeBron won't be Jordan. Marlins 5 is now banned by Romberg. He is fasting and looking to get real skinny. He has TV soon. Zas and Roms want to hear why Beast was wearing a Tebow jersey during the midday show. The Heat Dancers join the guys in studio. Plus the debut of Rainy Day Jagr.

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