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Owes You Nothing: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
March 22, 2017 - 9:22 am


Rombeg has cranked up the trash talk for his showdown with Zaslow in hoops. He's putting out hype videos to let people know how serious he is. Hassan Whiteside cut his hand open while the Heat were blowing out the Suns. Does Erik Spoelstra deserve blame for the injuryDolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso joins the show. He discussed his brand new contract with the team. What will he buy first? He weighs in on the Zaslow vs Romberg showdown in hoops. What he likes most about Miami. He reflects on his first season with the Dolphins and being a cornerstone of the Dolphins defense. Zas and Roms discuss why linebackers are so easy to root for. Arnold Schwarzenegger calls out Donald Trump. The boss of our station has put a bounty on the person who keeps ruining our bathrooms. 


Tobin tries to figure out why Zaslow can't get into the World Baseball Classic. LeBron James throws out a major warning to LaVar Ball. Keep my kids and family's name out of your mouth. Are they going to fight now? The Rock posts on Instagram that he drove the ball 490yards. How does Jay Glazer do it, with these crazy scoops? Sportscenter drops a mariachi band in the middle of a Cavs report. Feminist writer says Wonder Woman shouldn't have shaved armpits. Get the hell out of here! LeBron explains why he should be able to sit out with no repercussions. 


Romberg breaks bad on the sports fan. He says LeBron James owes you nothing and he worked harder to get to where he is than any fan did to be where they are. The texters want Romberg's blood and spawn for this statement. For one - he ripped fans, for two - he said they didn't matter to LeBron's salary, for three - he said athletes work harder than the common mad. Kiko replay for those who missed it, complete with the bleeps. Romdog's Grill allows listeners to get thir pound of flesh from Ol' Roms.

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