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Paving The Way: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
June 07, 2017 - 9:12 am


The rain has not stopped in days. It causes Amber to be late for the first time to the show. Zaslow decided to drive to the station on a flat tire. That seems like a really dumb idea and wildly unsafe. We get an update on hug-gate between Tobin's wife and Beast. Amber is offended that she wasn't invited to Leroy's BBQ. Zaslow recalls an awkward moment at former Dolphins WR, O.J. McDuffie's house. Jerry Seinfeld lands on team no-hug. The Marlins got screwed last night. Joy Taylor wears Cavs colors on television. Are we going to get an NBA Finals sweep? Why does LeBron default to this being "just a game" Romberg declares he'll fat shame the hell out of Rihanna. How to avoid the pee man.


Zaslow has his opening scrimmage coming up. He's going to be locked in on drawing up plays. We play Big Deal/Not A Big Deal. Kevin Durant says LeBron James paved the way for him to go to Golden State. Zaslow explains why what KD did was way "worse" than LeBron's going to Miami. Would the reaction for LeBron leaving Cleveland been worse if he went to the Celtics or Lakers in 2010? Zas thinks it would have? How could it have been worse than it already was for him? Is it worse to get swept early in the playoffs or in the Finals. Romberg thinks he found the chink in Pat Riley's armor.


We ask Zaslow what would happen if his son mouthed off to coach Glen Rice jersey? Tobin suggests putting bathroom butt selfie on the wheel of humiliation next year. Oscar De La Hoya continues his hate tour against McGregor/Mayweather. He says the fight is going to suck. Does it matter? Will Conor pull any MMA shenanigans in the bout? Tobin accuses Amber of being a Mayweather homer. The great Glen Rice joins the show. What would he have been as a player in this three point shooting era? Who is the best NBA duo of all time? Does he see ego getting in the way of a Warriors dynasty?

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