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Pay Days Coming: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
April 14, 2017 - 9:47 am


In a strange twist, this show may be heading to Club LIV. Our new friend, Purple has put the invite out to Zaslow, Amber and Romberg to join him at the famous club with everything on him. Brett doesn't think Zas can hang. He doesn't realize that no one goes to the clubs until midnight. Zas needs to rock the rings at LIV to get the VIP treatment. The Marlins played a 16 inning game last night. This is exactly why Zas argues with Tobin about using gimmicks to end baseball games. Now the Marlins pitching staff is going to be ruined for days. Would you be into the Miami Heat trying to fix Carmelo Anthony? LeBatard brought this up with Amin Elhassan yesterday and it is an interesting threory. Use your magic rehab tricks to fix a 32-year old Carmelo Anthony. Is Melo made for today's NBA? Can it only work if he's actually willing to adjust his game? 


Amber is going to be back in studio for NBC 6 sportts. Zas tweeted out a photo of him in the Fox Sports Sun studios. Is he back gunning for that Heat TV job? He needs to pick up his sock game. It's weak AF right now. The infamous whiteboard seems to have got the Magic's GM fired. Jeffrey Loria reveals that the team is going to constuct a sculpture of Jose Fernandez that will be in front of Marlins Park. Should the teams do that with how Jose's life ended? Can good come from it? Amber learns of how much Zaslow and Romberg railed against the armpit hair feminists over Wonder Woman being smooth. Would Zas kick a hairy Kate Upton out of bed? Mr. Freeze returns! he gives a load of cold takes from the NBA season. 


Zaslow is taking his kid to the new Fast and Furious. He doesn't give a rats ass about ratings for his 8-year old son. At least this one is only PG-13. Is it offensive that Gordon Hayward is going to make $30M a year? What the heck is James Johnson going to command on the free agent market? Will this Heat team's run be short lived because of the crazy NBA market? TNT's David Aldridge joins the show. He gives his thoughts on the Heat coming up short in the playoff chase. He also gives his thoughts on where Erik Spoelstra wll finish in Coach of the Year voting. Plus Ol' Roms closes out the week with Shoutouts!

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