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Pay Time: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Joined by Richie Incognito and Tony Fiorentino

Zaslow & Amber
December 15, 2017 - 9:28 am


Zaslow went to see Star Wars on opening night but he was more interested in "The Beast" showing up to the premiere covered in a Star Wars comforter. Amber loses respect for her best friend, because she didn't know she was a Star Wars fanatic. Zaslow reflects fondly on the days of the Dolphins-Bills rivalry. Bam Adebayo is looking forward to his match up with Dwight Howard. What happened to that guy? The crew breaks down Net Neutrality. LeBron James does that thing where he is talking to Lonzo Ball and not letting anyone know what he said. Zas doesn't belive he'll go to Lakers.


Zaslow reads a tweet from UFC bad guy Colby Covington. He spoiled Star Wars in a major way and fans are pissed. Things get very tense in the show when Zaslow takes offense to Romberg implying UFC fans don't like Star Wars. Zas and Roms recall the love for Randy "Macho Man" Savage. Scott Boras calls the Marlins MLB's pawn shop. We listen to Dan LeBatard getting into it with David Samson. Bill guard Richie Incognito joins the show. He discess playing in the snow, advice from Romberg and preveiws this game against the Dophins.


The love Richie Incognito is getting from Dolphins fans now sure is interesting. The Wheel of Humiliation lands on Captain Underpants and the crew makes their picks. Tony Fiorentino joins the show to discuss the Heat taking on the Hornets. The Dolphins seem ready to finally pay Jarvis Landry. Zaslow gives us the Big Games and the Not Big Games: Big Game/Not A Big Game. Plus Ol' Roms takes us into the weekend with a #FactNugget

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