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Philly Cheese Back: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
July 06, 2017 - 9:29 am


Zaslow was watching Wimbledon and there were disgusting flying ants. Romberg recalls the grossest thing he's seen on a footbal field. Dion Waiters is back with the Heat on a 4-year $52 million deal. Zaslow reacts to the number the Heat gave him. What will James Johnson come back on? USA Today reports that a Marlins fire sale is looming. Why does new ownership want this team cleaned out? Zaslow rants on the Marlins lack of promotion for Justin Bour. Why isn't he on our show to promote #VoteBour? Zaslow says if he catches a Bour HR at the Derby, he's throwing it back! Why You Mad/Why You Glad: Zaslow has a packed weekend. Amber hates the idea of snortable chocolate. Romberg is loving the yelp reviews of disgusting Bowl Bar. Tobin gets Bam Adebayo backing from John Calipari.


The Heat's contract situation is interesting with this core. They have no cap space going into next season's monster free agency class. They do have moveable deals. Udonis Haslem getting interest from Cleveland. Is that legit or nonesnse? Men need to orgasm 21 times a month to prevent prostate cancer. Brian Windhorst wrote the 'Pat Riley has lost his touch column' Amber sticks up for it. She's always defending the show enemies. Gordon Hayward's ass is lying. He claims that they had three Player's Tribune columns for each team written. Get the hell out of here with that?  


Thursdays mean it's Just The Tip(s) from Amber. She knows all about the coke n' hoes! She also answers another question from pervy Batman. Giancarlo Stanton reacts to the Marlins firesale rumors. Romberg is stunned to learn how much athletes are getting for Instagram posts. Joel Embiid says "F*** Lavar Ball" on IG. Forbes reports the Cavaliers are bleeding money. Is that legit or fuzzy math. Is there a chance LeBron extorts Dan Gilbert to buy the Cavaliers.

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