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Please Come On: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
April 25, 2017 - 9:22 am


Zaslow spent some of his Monday M. Night Shyamalan's new movie. It's possible he might be back. You all see Mr. Glass aka Derrick Rose at the Bulls-Celtics. Romberg always gets hurt this time of year because his draft experiece sucks. The all-NBA team will come out early to figure out salary cap situations. Paul George reportedly told Pacers teammates that it's been a dream to play for the Lakers. Do the Heat make a play for him if that is the case? If this report is true does this mean he cares for his teammates? Tim Hardaway was so invested in watching his son against the Wizards last night. Tom Arnold joins the show again. He invites Zaslow on to his podcast.


We go over Tom Arnold's recent podcast guests to see if Zas is bringing up the average. Mike Pouncey's latest recovery method involves stem cells. How is it possible for the Dolphins to trust his body this upcoming season? Jake Long officially retires. The guys debate if he is classified as a bust or not. Romberg takes out the dummies who test positive at the combine. It's not that hard to pass the test. David Fizdale has been the star of the playoffs with that epic press conference and tying up the Spurs. Sarah Spain stops by the show to discuss how Dwyane Wade has played in Chicago.


There are reports that the Magic want to bring in David Griffin as their head of basketball operations. LeBron has openly campaigned for Griffin to be given an extension. If he doesn't get one and Dan Gilbert goes against LeBron's wishes, will that be the first step in LeBron re-leaving the Cavaliers. Does LeBron have the balls to leave again? Zas thinks he is out of chances to make that move. Tobin argues he's more popular than ever and it's easier to leave now. There are Sex Robot brothels in Spain. Romberg thinks it's not much cheaper than the real deal. Brett explains why he won't be watching the draft. Steve Kerr may be done coaching. Do the Warriors need him?

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