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Record Night: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
April 06, 2017 - 9:25 am


The Miami Heat make it rain in Charlotte! The Heat set a franchise record for three pointers in a game with twenty-one. Will Pat Riley's age prevent him from looking down the road to make the best moves for the franchise. Zaslow is already beside himself with the Marlins. He is mad at Giancarlo Stanton coming up short in big spots last night. Do the Marlins have the best catcher in the league? It seems like Josh Richardson may be back. Amber takes issue with the opening line of a Sun-Sentinel Marlins story. Dustin Johnson may miss the Masters because he's falling from his socks like a baby. All the sudden Dwyane Wade is healthy and planning to play this weekend. Must be visiting that LeBron Miami Bane Lab. Zaslow wants the Dolphins to get in on Richard Sherman. Amber tricked by soy. Tobin wants the Yankees to get over themselves.


Zaslow's mouse battery went out. Zas and Tobin ignore Amber's headlines to go over the history of batteries. Why can't they be better? Amber and Tobin debate the validity of Floyd Mayweather going to 50-0 against an MMA fighter. People think Zaslow is being too rough on Stanton at this part of the season. David Ross is going to join the show. Zaslow wants to ask Pearl Jam questions to the Cubs World Series hero but he doesn't want to be selfish. Amber wants to ask Gators questions. When David Ross joins the program. He gets the standard Cubs questions, explains his first ejection and his love for Eddie Vedder. 


We get some texters mad that Tobin said that J.T. Realmuto is the best catcher in baseball. Texter argues BETTER THAN YADIER MOLINA?!?!?!? Zaslow thinks that guy is the worst sports fan. No one else can be argued as the best except the best of the best. Why does LeBron hate the regular season so much now? Derek Jeter may buy the Marlins. How awesome is that?! Katy Perry says when she's down, she googles "Katy Perry hot" We google "Amber Wilson hot" and the results are fantastic. James Johnson may start throughout the rest of the season. Tobin steals the Heat's whiteboard. Amber gives us those SeXXXy Stats to finish celebrating the Heat win. 

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