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Ride Or Die: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Joined by Chael Sonnen

Zaslow & Amber
June 22, 2017 - 10:45 am


There needs to be some movement with these Heat rumors. It doesn't sit well with Zaslow that Gordon Hayward is going to make the money he does. Goran Dragic makes nearly half that. Who would you rather have? Are salary caps good for sports? Amber and Zaslow argue both sides. Are members of this show allowed to nap? The Panthers seem to be going the cheap route. The Porzingis-Phil Jackson drama is fantastic. The Knicks are up in flames. Zaslow's basketball team suffered their first loss. Roms' boy Richie Incognito is more swole than ever. Tobin is ready for new GoT. 


Zaslow got a jump on the Mumford & Sons tickets and left Romberg in the dust. He's left to get Roms the hookup. Zaslow says the Celtics are primed to get Kristaps Porzingis. The Heat get called rampant tamperers again by Brian Windhorst. Amber seems to blame Windy's callout on Rachel Nichols. She's doing that thing again where she defends enemies of the show. The American Gangster Chael Sonnen joins the show. He is fighting Wanderlei Silva this weekend at Madison Square Garden. He also breaks down Mayweather vs McGregor for us.


Zaslow tells Amber she needs to be the show's Ride or Die. No more defending the show enemies. She says she's keeping it real but this only makes Tobin want to charge her with high treason. Slim has been putting together awesome draft rejoins. It makes Zaslow recall the night the Heat took Caron Butler. Just The Tip(s) seems to get a lot of texts from anonymous NBA players. Pervy Batman also asks a question about utility belts. Are Heat fans still rooting for Dwyane Wade. Roms says his goodbyes for the weekend. 

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