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SeXXXy Night: Zaslow, Romberg and Amber

Joined by Redman

Zaslow & Amber
October 24, 2017 - 7:17 am


The morning starts with Amber telling everyone that it wasn't her in a viral video using a urinal at Hard Rock Stadium during Sunday's Dolphins game. She does respect that lady's aim and game. Now that that's cleared up, Zaslow, Roms and Amber talk about the Greek Freak being the best player in the NBA and the Heat picking up a win over the Hawks. Speaking of the Heat, Josh Richardson is letting his hair down and former guard Dwyane Wade is headed to the bench. Amber claims Zas is a fan of burnout music. It was a bad crowd at the Heat game last night. What is the reason behind this? When will Hassan Whiteside return. Roms can't wait for naughty lady costumes. 


Goran Dragic leaves voicemails to Dwyane Wade after learning he is riding the pine in Cleveland. Should Vin Scully get to call a World Series game? After last night's Redskins/Eagles game Zaslow feels like Carson Wentz might be the best young QB in the league. Jim Larranaga finally discusses the FBI report. He says he's coach 3. Romberg and Tobin act like Gator fans giving death threats. Tuesday Tool of the Week Rapper/actor Redman joins the show to talk about horror movies and more. He says his favorite horror flick is Suspiria. Yeah, we never heard of it either.


The discussion about horror movies continues. Romberg says Black Christmas scares the crap out of him. Or was it When a Stranger Calls? Speaking of movies, should Zaslow throw his collection of DVDs in the trash? Amber says yes. Tobin thinks Matt Moore shouldn't practice at all before games. He's better going in "hog wild". The Heat are playing with house money now with Justise Winslow because Josh Richardson is so damn good. She's also got the first edition of SeXXXy Stats for this Heat season. Why did ESPN think the partnership with Barstool Sports was going to work?

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