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Sharkland Poutout: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
March 15, 2017 - 9:44 am


Zaslow had trouble finding the play in games last night. Whiteside stays getting haters from the basketball nerds. Goran Dragic is coming back tonight! His eye looks better. The Cavs help out Miami with a win over the Pistons. Goran channels his inner Rocky, with the "cut me Mick" line or as Gogi says "Cut me Mike" He doesn't hold a candle to fake Goran. Clark Kellogg joins the show. He gives his thoughts on Lavar Ball hurting Lonzo Ball's draft status. What is the state of the college basketball play level today? He also puts Amber in her place when she calls out media fakers. He is not in that class! People get upset with our love of porn. Slim says it ruins regular sex. Zaslow says he watches porn and his sex life is "fine"


Mrs. Zaslow gets upset at the word "fine" to describe their sex life. Would you want the Heat to take Lonzo Ball and deal with this dad always in the media. Is there a good side to all the pub his dad is getting? Romberg thinks players will give him hell for this in the league. Zaslow and Beast's beef escalates after he gets called "Ass-low" on the midday show. It was revealed that only one other person texted Beast before his surgery and it was Zaslow! So does Beast owe Zas and apology? Tobin gets made fun of by Amber for trying to fight crackheads with coffee. Is Lavar Ball the Paul Heyman of college basketball? Ladies in Miami are twerking out cars...#BecauseMiami


Do reply alls count in reaching out to somebody? Amber is flubbing all over stories in her return. Roms claims the Puerto Ricans are upset by he mispronunciation of PR. She also decides to give Parkland's Anthony Rizzo a "Sharkland Poutout" for his nude speeches in the World Series. Would Cavs vs Heat have national juice to it? Is it the most interesting first round series? Is the bigger story Waiters vs Cleveland or Riley vs LeBron. Romdog's Grill: Why Ol' Roms takes butt over boobs. Plus who will get Sharkland Poutouts on Friday?


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