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Spo's Finest Work: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow & Amber
April 13, 2017 - 9:25 am


The Heat's season comes to a crushing end. They finish the year 41-41 after an 11-30 first half. Amber lights up the bush league Hawks for their twitte taunting of Heat fans. Who was crying in that Heat locker room? Hassan looked pretty broken up. We learn that Zaslow invited Romberg to passover but he no showed. He didn't invite Amber because she's not married and is without child. However that doesn't explain his blatant snub of not inviting the Tobin family. Zas tries to play it off like he was helping Tobin, because of the long drive but that doesn't fly. He then said that it was because his name isn't Jewish enough. We learn Tobin means "Goodness of God" in Hebrew. Keep those excuses coming! Why You Mad/Why You Glad: Amber's boyfriend nearly comes to fisticuffs over the Heat t-shirt toss last night.


Udonis Haslem received an awesom ovation from the Heat fans. His three point attempt almost dropped! Can this team recapture the magic they had this season? Charlie Murphy passed away. The crew remembers his best work. Erik Spoelstra's press conference was really emotional. That's not normal for a coach to be that attached in professional sports. One positive is the Summer of Jonathan is upon us! Roms compares the Heat missing the playoffs to when his 2000 Canes were snubbed for the national title game by FSU. Just The Tip(s) is back! Amber likes a little choking and we learn about safe words. 


Sooooo are we going to watch the NBA playoffs now? Do we hate watch? Do we root for the Bulls? The Marlins had a power delay in their game yesterday. Loria was on a flip phone trying to get it fixed. Fake Loria tries to fix the lights and gives advice to the rookie shortstop. Did Riley love this team like Spoesltra did? Will he keep this group together? It's not really his job to love them like Spo did. Ron Rothstein joins the show. He thought this second half of the season was magical. This was Spoelstra's finest year in his opinion. He also says what the Nets did, stinks! 

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