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"There's no deal...maybe."

Zaslow & Amber
July 12, 2017 - 9:20 am


Today is “Black Wednesday,” the darkest day in sports. It’s also the day of the ESPY’s, so Jimmy V’s epic speech will be played a time or two. Does baseball have the best all-star game of any sport? Mayweather-McGregor presser: Conor tell’s Floyd to “Dance for me, boy!” Bryce Harper wore special cleats for the All-Star game honoring Jose Fernandez. Some people didn’t like it, and Zaslow says those people are ridiculous. Prices for Mayweather-McGregor tickets are out of control. Fred Taylor’s rants on Twitter, saying he deserves to be a hall of famer. Tobin says Taylor is underrated because of the lame Jacksonville press, and does a ridiculous impression of Jags beat writer Vito Stellino (yes, that’s a real person). Pudge(y) Rodriguez has put on some pounds…The show breaks down the Conor-Floyd presser. ”Hollywood” Joy Taylor joins the show!


Jeffrey Loria wonders why people don’t talk about his charitable work. He’s such a huge jerk. A bunch of cool things that happened in and around the All-Star Game. Zaslow has never seen the movie Elf. All-Star red carpet on Biscayne Boulevard: How the heck did nobody know about this? Why was it even a thing?


Story time with Romberg: he once tried to steal Jason Priestly’s girl. Also, Richie Incognito – shocker alert – is a party animal…Tobin plays amazing sound from the boxing presser. Marlins play-by-play broadcaster Rich Waltz joins the show. Zas thinks baseball P.A. announcers aren't doing enough to explain what's going on in the games. Good ol' Jeffrey Loria says a bunch of BS about the Marlins sale and qualifies it by saying "maybe" over and over. Slim mashes up Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" and Jeffrey Loria's comments. 

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