Zaslow, Romberg & Amber:

Zaslow & Amber
September 28, 2017 - 6:56 am


Zas opens the show by explaining to Roms and Amber what year it is. Dwyane Wade’s move to Cleveland is official and Amber still isn’t happy about it. She says that an article that Dan LeBatard wrote may have pushed Wade to sign with the Bulls last off season. Zaslow contends that the NBA’s never-ending drama and gossip make it the best league in the world. Is it realistic to expect Wade to spend the rest of his career by LeBron’s side? Zaslow begs Roms for details on his Playboy Mansion experience amid Hugh Hefner’s passing. Romberg tells the story of when Muhammad Ali accused him of calling him a racial slur. After Amber revealed that she wasn’t offered a happy ending at the end of her massage, Zas and Roms briefly discuss massage etiquette. Lawrence Timmons is REALLY happy to be here, ironically. That was his response to every question asked of him, and it’s got Zaslow heated. Actress and comedian Whitney Cummings joins the show.                                                                        


While Zaslow announces his presence for tonight's Panthers preseason game, Romberg and Slim will be at Marlins Park tonight, where they will be begging the Marlins to not sell the team to Deadbeat Jeets to fulfill their humiliations. Jamey Eisenberg joins the show and takes the callers' fantasy football questions. Romberg claims his tears are yawns when he watches NBC's This Is Us. The crew comes close to wretching when Cleveland media personality Aaron Goldhammer appears on Sportscenter to talk about stealing our guy. Then, we play exclusive audio of Jeffrey Loria's satanic proclamation for all Marlins fans to kiss his ass. Tyler Johnson also comes on the show.


Romberg and Tobin start off the 8:00 hour with competing Jay Ajayi impersonations after hearing about the prospect of football in London. The crew plays Just The Tips, because who better to give relationship advice? Amber's tips get the resultsThe Professor John Clayton comes on to take your football questions. 

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