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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Biggest Game

w/ Chris Fowler

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
November 10, 2017 - 9:42 am


It's the last day without Zaslow and Romberg is somewhere in West Virginia to cover a Conference USA football game. Amber says she almost got into an accident this morning and Tobin mentions that he almost never travels to Broward county on the weekends if he doesn't have to. Tobin mentions that he's been having some issues "down there" and was forced to switch to briefs this week. It seems he strained a muscle and the only cure isn't more cowbell, but rather hear and aspirin. Romberg says his flight was overbooked and the airline needed 12 seats. Passengers were being offered $1400 vouchers, later flights, dinner and hotel stays. Roms was tempted to take the package, but decided against it and made it to West Virginia. He says the studio he's broadcasting from has Cavs logos all over the walls. Amber doesn't understand why girls want their pictures taken with OJ Simpson.


The Wheel of Humiliation is out! This week the loser will face a snowball firing squad. Slim thinks this could be a bad idea and that someone might get injured. Romberg is in West Virginia for Western Kentucky/Marshall and breaks down why this game is so important for the Thundering Herd and their fans. He mentions how he enjoys waking up early and Amber talks about how her dogs wake her up on the weekends. Lots of Canes talk as gameday vs the Fighting Irish is on the horizon. Tobin is watching the game from his house, Amber will be in a a suite at the stadium and Romberg will be in West Virginia working, but he's ready for his Canes and breaks down what the U needs to do to win. It turns out a former Notre Dame guardsman has created a Touchdown Chain and plans to wear it to the game. Tobin and Roms don't think said dude will be making it out of the stadium with said chain.


Turns out the dude with the Touchdown Chain was actually in the Notre Dame band. Roms says Bryant McKinnie was in his high school band and used to march at halftime while playing. The conversation turns to how Romberg can write off an HBO subscription. ESPN's Chris Fowler joins the show to discuss the Canes/Irish matchup and Gameday on the UM campus. The big question remains who will the guest picker be at Gameday? Most still hope the Rock makes an appearance. Romberg ends the week by getting everyone Fact Up,

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