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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Deux Points

Zaslow & Amber
March 05, 2018 - 8:00 am


Zaslow's out today and Romberg is late, so Tobin and Amber are wondering why they're even in. Tobin talks about his bad experience at PF Changs that left him with food poisoning. Amber talks about going to the Jason Taylor Foundation charity event and winning a trip to Vegas. The Panthers are streaking and creeping and are in prime position to make the playoffs. Amber gives off a very weak Panther growl. They talk about the Heat and Justise Winslow stats, Slim says they're good, Amber says it's fake news. Tobin talks about his ear hair problem. Amber talks about her days of being a suga mama. Slim says he wouldn't mind being a house husband.


Ol' Roms finally decides to show up and you can quickly tell that he still has a Key's hangover. They talk about the Dolphins trading thier 4th rounder for Robert Quinn, Romberg loves the trade. They also talk about how the Dolphins may strongly be considering a QB in the first round of the draft. They talk about the possible candidates for this year's Tool of the Week Hall of Fame. They talk about soccer in Miami, which confuses Romberg and Tobin. Roberto Luongo is still killn' it at this age with Panthers. 


Shaquille Griffin had a pretty awesome combine, fastest 40 for a linebacker since 2000, the show wonders if he can succeed in the pros. The guys make fun of Amber's pinky's. They play sound of Pat Riley at Family Fest. They talk about Kawhi's issues with his shoe deal and Tobin has a solution on how to fix that, they also start doing whale calls. The show also makes fun of Beast for ever getting the schedules right. The show is fully on the Pantherwagon as they keep this winning streak going. Tobin suggests that Amber lead the Panthers rally with her weak growl while on a zamboni.

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