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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Foot Meet Mouth

Zaslow & Amber
March 06, 2018 - 7:46 am


Happy Tuesday, Zaslow is out again this morning, but somehow made it to work the Heat game last night. Justise Winslow had his Devin Booker revenge game, made all of Heat Reddit eat it. He also dunked on someone and ended thier life. Tyson Chandler is still in the league, huh? Romberg says that the return of Dwyane Wade has fixed Justise. Tobin says that Wade is Justise's Mr. Miyagi. So much Devin Booker slander today as well. They wonder how Zaslow would fare in a strongman competition. They for some reason start going through Katherine Heigl's resume, Tobin says its trash, Amber disagrees. They also have a discussion about cats and dogs. 


Tobin says the show needs more show field trips. They talk about the ridiculous comments by Stephen Ross, we're not a good sports town? Amber and Tobin get into a long debate about it. Tool of the Week has a few interesting nominees, could there a possible Tool of the Week Hall of Fame nominee here? Tobin is having enough of these former Marlins dissing the team on Instagram posts, talking to you Dee. Tobin thinks Stan Van Gundy's days in Detroit are numbered.


Mike Pouncey ain't scared of any of Jonathan Martin's threats. Tobin still thinks Incognito got screwed from that whole bullying scandal. Canelo Alvarez is eating tainted meat, or so he says. Lance Stephenson is up to his antics again, his new victim.... Jason Terry. Tobin's surprised that those two aren't better friends since they both hate LeBron. Romberg can't stop looking at pictures of Jennifer Gardner at the Oscars, Slim isn't really into her features. Texters say that Amber looks like Ryan Tannehill. Amber starts rattling off the best looking QB's in the NFL. Tobin says that honor goes to King of the Dolphins, Dan Marino.


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