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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Hate Us Cause They Ain't Us

w/ DJ Williams in Studio

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
November 07, 2017 - 9:58 am


Amber is back, joining Tobin and Romberg. Tobin ran into some crazy traffic by Hard Rock Stadium and Roms said it was ESPN coming to town for Saturday's Canes game. Turns out there's a food-assistance program related to Hurricane Irma happening there. Speaking of college football, what are the chances Lane Kiffin trades his life in Boca for one in Gainsville as Gators coach? Tobin and Roms think there's no chance seeing as there's nothing to do up there. Amber says hanging out on a truck tailgate is a wild time. They also talk about the Heat's loss to the Warriors, but then shift to the idea of the Cavs trading Dwyane Wade to the Suns for Eric Bledsoe. Tobin says LeBron is sending Dwyane to Phoenix with a coach seat ticket. Things got weird in the NFL Sunday when Jameis Winston ate a W and Cam Newton talked about how the Titanic needed to keep going. What do either of those things mean. Roms and DJ Williams are making a cameo in the Turnover Chain song and Slim wants a verse.


Tobin, Roms and Amber talk about possible country artists performing at Saturday's Canes game and DJ Williams joins them and mentions SoLo D will be performing the Turnover Chain song live at Antrel Rolle's tailgate party. DJ came in today wearing his own Turnover Chains and says he may wear a bright green romper to the game. Amber didn't see the on-field fight between Jalen Ramsey and AJ Green. Tobin and Roms say Green took down Ramsey with a rear-naked choke. They also discuss the feud between Deion Sanders and Tony Romo and can't help but mention Jameis Winston's video of the QB eating a W. What in the hell does that even mean?


Amber thinks that the Gators are going to get a good coach and that she was never a fan of Jim McElwain. She mentions that she went to both UF and UM and roots for the Canes except when they're playing the Gators. Tobin, Roms, Amber and DJ talk about the Turnover Chain and how it's become popular on a national level, but those same people don't actually like the Canes. DJ mentions that he spent a New Year's Eve with Paris Hilton and wanted to break her. The show closes with Tobin breaking down how Tommy Morrison may have contracted HIV and it involves his deal and a needle.

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