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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Legalize It

Joined by John Clayton

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
January 25, 2018 - 9:11 am


Zaslow got his cable back and caught up on sad "This Is Us" Why is NBC trying to make us cry after the Super Bowl? Romberg doesn't think Elton John has a good singing voice. Zaslow wants to draft a quarterback in the first round. Draymond Green calls Brian Windhorst No Neck. Roms doesn't appreciate slights at people with no necks. Hassan doesn't understand what makes an NBA All Star anymore. Was Bam snubbed from the Rising Stars game? Mark Wahlberg denies steroid use. 


The crew recaps LeBatard making fun of Zaslow's Sweet Tomatoes meltdown. Why does Coach Larranaga rock the suit and sneakers during Canes games? Why does Louisville's coach dress like Marty McFly. Dan Gilbert reportedly wants to sell the Cavaliers. Roms serenades Zaslow to Tiny Dancer. Adam Silver wants to make gambling legal. Zas and Amber argue on what makes gambling easier: Online or Bookies? 


Romberg and Amber try to convince Zaslow to get dressed up for Vice Night at the American Airlines Arena. Zas is getting regular massages. How can you tell if it's a special massage parlor. The Hall of Fame in Baseball is so silly. John Clayton joins the show. He recaps the conference championship games, discusses football HOF voting vs baseball HOF voting. Plus gives his early thoughts on Super Bowl LII. He also says he never gets tired of talking about football.

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